Elegant Wedding Cakes

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Who We Are

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Never settle for a "cookie-cutter" wedding cake.

Custom wedding cakes created by a talented Cake Artist are designed with your taste and budget in mind.

Your wedding cake is an important part of the wedding celebration. You will want it not only to look wonderful, but taste fabulous.

I am a LICENSED non-commercial Wedding Cake Baker.

This is a baker who usually works out of his or her home (or rents a small kitchen somewhere) and specializes in unique, creative wedding cakes. Each cake is individually designed to your specifications. I am a true artist, and my passion is to create spectacular cakes. The trend to use my type of baker has grown over the past few years, as a non-commercial baker can devote more time to each individual bride.

I have been baking and decorating cakes for over 20 years. My "kitchen" is a separate unit from my home and solely devoted to my cake decorating art.

(about the photo on this page, I tried to give it to the Bride and Groom at no cost because it traveled 3 hours, the last 45 minutes were over the worst gravel, curvy, pot hole infested road I had ever seen..the reception was at a farm way out in the country.....the compression on the cake is visible, and I was so upset. The Bride and Groom were completely understanding, but the cake was a hit. Every layer was a different flavor, so it was just fantastic as a choice for dessert. The Bride's comments were "we ate it, it was delicious, it looked just 'beautiful', so don't worry about it.")

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